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Established in 1993, Excalibur Global Financial Group provides a well developed online trading platform for customers to trade with different markets all over the world. We have great reputations and gain lots of trust from customers over the years. We do not trade directly with our customers but act as an intermediate between them and the market. Excalibur is a registered dealer approved by the SFC operating under its regulations.
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  • What types of equity trading accounts does Excalibur offer?
  • What types of futures trading accounts does Excalibur offer?
  • How do I open a trading account, and what documents are required?
  • Can I still operate an account if I am currently living overseas?
  • Can I open multiple trading accounts?

Over 20 years, Excalibur is committed to provide investors with comprehensive futures and securities trading services, and actively to become elite in Hong Kong futures market. Our business focus is on day-trading......

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