Investment Seminar 2017 – HK

Topic Speaker
金融期货致富解碼 Mr. Allan Poon (Excalibur Global Financial Group Limited)
芝商所市场及产品简介 Mr. Kevin Law (CME Group)
香港交易所衍生市场概览 Mr. Frederick Yim (Hong Kong Exchange)



Video Demonstration

Day Trade 1

Day Trade 2

Normal Movement

Slow Movement

Fast Movement


Snapshot of Seminar

Start with the sponsor CME


CME Mr. Kevin Law



Mr. Frederick Yim of HKEx


Derivative market overview


Excalibur’s Allan Poon: Day trading introduction


Mr. Poon is demonstrating how to do day trade and get profit


Last part is Tim Sir to introduce derivative market


Tim Sir introduce how to prevent the loss on volatile trading