Difference between OMD DS and D-Lite

In the last article, everyone has seen the speed of Futures System from Excalibur Global Financial Group Limited (The standard speed of the system is using D-Lite). Today’s article introduces the difference between OMD DS and D-Lite, both in update speed and price depth.

According to HKEx, OMD DS and OMD D-lite has following difference:
OMD DS has refresh rate of 0.25 second and price depth of 10 best bid/ask.
OMD D-Lite has refresh rate of 1 second and price depth of 5 best bid/ask.

You can watch the following video to compare the speed of OMD DS and OMD D-Lite. The top of the screen is the OMD D-Lite quotation, and the bottom is the OMD DS quotation. For details, please contact our Account Executive.