Account Opening

Please read the terms and conditions of our Client Agreement carefully.


1. Online Application

Please click the “Online Application” button at bottom page to proceed to online application.

**For online application process, it is required to provide a bank cheque, which (1) can be drawn by a licensed bank in Hong Kong, and (2) with the signature that is the same as the one on the Client’s Agreement, and (3) with the amount not less than HKD10,000; crossed and made payable to our company name in bank (Please refer to this link). For the applicant who does not wish to provide us with the said cheque, the signing of the account opening documents and the sighting of the relevant identity document should have to be certified by certified public accountant(practicing), lawyer or notary public. Please be noted that provide the proof of the professional qualification and the name card of the certified person should be sent along with your application.

*** Online account opening is not applicable to following cases:

  • Not over 18 years old
  • Opening Joint account
  • Opening Corporation account
2. Appointment for Account Opening

Please make an appointment through email ( or call our Customer Services Officer ((852) 2526 0388) for the appointment.


3. Apply in Person

Please visit Excalibur Global for the account opening, and our Customer Services Officer will process your application.

Please prepare the Related Documents:
Individual / Joint Account -Please prepare the following documents

  • Copy of Personal Identification Document: E.g. HKID/ Passport.
  • Copy of Residential address Proof: Public Institution’s Letter / Bank’s Letter/ Phone Bill / Government Department’s Letter issued within the last 3 months ( P.O Box and Business Address are not accepted for  Residential Address / Correspondence Address ).
  • New clients can designate a bank account (a Hong Kong or overseas bank account) for fund withdrawal upon account opening. Clients shall provide copies of bank statement or passbook(the document must be in full on which Client’s name, bank name and bank account number must be clearly shown) for verification purpose.

Account Opening Procedures

  1. Complete the entire downloaded “Account Opening Form”, and insert N/A wherever not applicable. Any amendment or deletion must be counter signed by all account holders. Any omissions may delay the approval of your application.
  2. Carefully read the terms & conditions within the “Customer Agreement Form” plus “Supplementary Agreement for Electronic Trading” (if applicable). SFC recommends that you pay special attention to the section on risk disclosure statements.
  3. Sign and date both the “Account Opening Form” and “Customer Agreement Form”. An authorized Excalibur employee or professional e.g. accountant, solicitor or banker, may be your witness when signing the forms.
  4. Submit the completed “Account Opening Form” and “Customer Agreement Form” together with these supporting documents. You may mail/hand it into our Office or pass it to your Account Executive.

For Individual / Joint Account:

  1. Copy of ID or passport for all account holders, authorized signatory, and beneficiaries
  2. Proof of address dated within past three months (no P.O. box)

For Corporate Account:

  1. Personal Guarantee (with proof of address) provided by any one of the directors
  2. Certified true copies by lawyer/accountant/director/company secretary:
    1. ID or passport of all directors and authorized persons
    2. Certificate of Incorporation
    3. Business Registration Certificate
    4. Memorandum & Articles of Association or equivalent constitute document
    5. Board Minutes or Resolution approving account opening
    6. Bank reference
    7. Latest audited financial statements
    8. Latest Annual Return & Notification of Changes of Secretary & Directors (Form D2)
    9. Register of Directors, Register of Members & Minutes of the First Director’s Meeting (applicable for offshore company)
  1. Please photocopy the account opening documents for your own record. If all documentation are complete and good funds are confirmed, most new accounts should be activated within 3 business days. Any changes to your account information must be informed in writing.

  2. (For electronic trading) Excalibur will deliver a password to the client by mail or collected in person for authentication

    1. User must change the password immediately, recommended to be unique, hard-to-duplicate, and at least 8 alphanumeric characters
    2. User is responsible for any accidental or unauthorized disclosure of password to other person, which may result in the password being used by unauthorized access
    3. User must keep the password secret, and under no circumstances disclose it to any other person
    4. User should change the password periodically, at least once every three months, for client protection
    5. Please contact our Customer Service officer if you have misplaced the password; we will issue a new password, after which user must change the password prior to first time usage