Cybersecurity Reminder


This message is a reminder to all clients to be careful when using the online trading platform

  1. Please download online trading software from company website ( to make sure there is no malware or trojan horse embedded in the software
  2. Please change your password reguarly and keep it secret. Do NOT use a password that is too simple such as your identity card number, your birthday, your contact number etc. It is always a good practice to use strong password with combination of random characters, numbers and special characters. Do NOT use the same password as other websites
  3. Do NOT disclose your account information such as account number or password to others
  4. Please keep a record of your online transactions and compare it with your daily statement and monthly statement. If there is any problem, please contact us immediately
  5. If you have not done any transaction, please check your daily statement and monthly statement for any abnormal transactions. Please contact us immeidately if you have any questions.
  6. Try NOT to use online trading platform when you are using public WiFi or public computers. If you need to, please make sure you have your account properly logged out and change the password immediately when you are back to secure environment such as home.
  7. Please contact us or download the form on company website if you have personal details needs to be updated

If you want to know more about cyber security, please visit the website made by investor Education Centre