HK Stock Market Trading Hours

Time Period Session
09:00am-09:30am Auction Session
09:30am-12:00pm Morning Session
12:00pm-01:00pm Break
01:00pm-04:00pm Afternoon Session
04:00pm-04:10pm* Closing Auction Session*

Severe Weather Arrangements

If a Typhoon Signal or Black Rainstorm Warning has been issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, please refer to news reports through the electronic news media or messages disseminated through HKEX’s market systems on the current signal/warning’s impact on trading. For more information about arrangements during typhoons and black rainstorms.


What Is the Hang Seng Index?

The Hang Seng Index ﹝HSI﹞ is a freefloat-adjusted market-capitalization-weighted stock-market index which is composed of 50 largest and most liquid Hong Kong stocks. HSI constituent securities are grouped under 4 sectors including Finance, Utilities, Properties, and Commerce and Industry Sub-indexes.


How to invest in all Hang Seng Index Stocks

If you want to invest in the Hang Seng Index, it’s generally not practical to actually purchase shares of these 50 stocks. However, you can be invested in Tracker Fund﹝2800.HK﹞which is closest match to the corresponding weights of these 50 stocks of Hang Seng Index and most actively traded ETF of HSI.

What is Callable Bull / Bear Contracts﹝CBBC﹞?

CBBC are a type of structured product that tracks the performance of an underlying asset without requiring investors to pay the full price required to own the actual asset. They are issued either as Bull or Bear contracts with a fixed expiry date, allowing investors to take bullish or bearish positions on the underlying asset.

** CBBC are issued with the condition that during their lifespan they will be called by the issuers when the price of the underlying asset reaches a level (known as the ” Call Price “) specified in the listing document. If the Call Price is reached before expiry, the CBBC will expire early and the trading of that CBBC will be terminated immediately. The specified expiry date from the listing document will no longer be valid.


What is Derivative warrants?

Derivative warrants are an instrument that gives an investor the right to “buy” or “sell” an underlying asset at a pre-set price prior to a specified expiry date. They may be bought and sold prior to their expiry in the market provided by HKEX. At expiry settlement is made in cash rather than a purchase or sale of the underlying asset. Derivative warrants can be issued over a range of assets, including stocks, stock indices, currencies, commodities, or a basket of securities.

What is Inline Warrants?


Inline Warrants are a type of structured product that entitles the investors to receive a pre-determined fixed payment at expiry.  At expiry, investors will receive HK$1 per inline warrant held when the underlying asset falls at or within the Upper and Lower Strikes (In-The-Range) or HK$0.25 per inline warrant held when the underlying asset falls outside the Upper and Lower Strikes (Out-of-The-Range).

Due to the pre-determined fixed maximum payment at expiry of HK$1, an inline warrant should not be traded above HK$1.  Investors will suffer a loss by buying an inline warrant above HK$1.

Inline Warrants may be issued with a lifespan of six months to five years.  They may be bought and sold prior to their expiry on the cash market of HKEX.  At expiry, settlement is made in cash only.


More Information

HK Stock Market Trading Fees


Brokerage Negotiable
Stamp duty HKD$1 per transaction of HKD$1,000
Transaction Levy 0.0027% of transaction amount
Trading Fee 0.005% of transaction amount
CCASS Fee 0.002% of transaction amount (Minimum Charge HKD$2)
Custody Fee Waived

Stock Deposit / Withdrawal


All shares deposit service is free of charge. Clients can use any of the following way to deposit their shares :

1. Physical Deposit[1]

2. Settlement Instruction

3. Investor Settlement Instruction

Client purchase stock share in our Company can also withdraw their share in the following way :

1. Physical Withdrawal[2]

2. Settlement Instruction

3. Investor Settlement Instruction



[1] The lead time for share registration required for 12 working days.
[2] We provide share registration service. For more details contact our Settlement Department.

IPO Timetable
SymbolNameApplication ListFixed Date Announcement DateRefund DateListing Date
2117DATANG GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED2020/11/27 - 2020/12/042020/12/04 2020/12/102020/12/102020/12/11
9992POP MART INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED2020/12/01 - 2020/12/042020/12/04 2020/12/102020/12/102020/12/11
6999LEADING HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED2020/11/26 - 2020/12/032020/12/03 2020/12/092020/12/092020/12/10
2142HBM HOLDINGS LIMITED2020/11/30 - 2020/12/032020/12/03 2020/12/092020/12/092020/12/10
1153JIAYUAN SERVICES HOLDINGS LIMITED2020/11/27 - 2020/12/022020/12/02 2020/12/082020/12/082020/12/09
1209CHINA RESOURCES MIXC LIFESTYLE SERVICES LIMITED2020/11/25 - 2020/12/012020/12/01 2020/12/082020/12/082020/12/09
6618JD HEALTH INTERNATIONAL INC.2020/11/26 - 2020/12/012020/12/01 2020/12/072020/12/072020/12/08
2110YUE KAN HOLDINGS LIMITED2020/11/23 - 2020/11/272020/11/27 2020/12/042020/12/042020/12/07
6666EVERGRANDE PROPERTY SERVICES GROUP LIMITED2020/11/23 - 2020/11/262020/11/26 2020/12/012020/12/012020/12/02
1516SUNAC SERVICES HOLDINGS LIMITED2020/11/09 - 2020/11/122020/11/12 2020/11/182020/11/182020/11/19

Our Company provides IPO subscription services to existing customers. Customers can contact the company or the following link to obtain the relevant prospectus.

Securities Margin Trading Services

EGFGL’s Securities Margin Trading Service offers you additional funds for investment in designated stocks*, allowing you to grasp every opportunity in the ever-changing stock market to generate higher potential returns.

* For details of the list of designated securities, please contact our staff. EGFGL reserves the right to revise the list of designated securities at its discretion without prior notice.


High Stock Loanable Percentage

With extra investment capital of up to 70% of the prevailing market value of stocks, you will be able to yield higher potential returns.


Preferential margin loan interest rate

Interest rate** is offered to your margin loan. As the interest will be calculated based on your daily outstanding amount and settled on a monthly basis, you can benefit from lower investment cost.

** Subject to the interest rates quoted by “EGFGL” from time to time.


【Example】Trading of Margin Account