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SP Trading Software Download R8.78.6 (Latest)


SP Trading Software Download R8.76.8

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Hardware requirement

Recommended Configuration
Pentium IV or above
Memory (RAM):
256 MB or above
Free Hard Drive Space:
100 MB
Operating System:
Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
19 inches or above
Internet Access:
2Mbps or above
Firewall/Proxy Settings
(if applicable):
Open outgoing TCP ports 8080 to 8089


User Manual

User Manual – FuturesUser Manual – OptionsUser Manual – Stocks



Installation Guide

  1. Please choose the language used during the installation procedure. Click “Next” to continue.
  2. A welcome dialogue box will appear reminding you to close all other running programs. If there are none, click “Next ” to continue.
  3. A destination directory is chosen by default to store the program. You can choose another Installation directory by clicking “Browse”. Click “Next ” button to continue.
  4. Define the folder to place the SPTrader shortcut in the “Start Menu”. Click “Next” button to continue.
  5. Choose to create a desktop icon, and select “Next” button to continue.
  6. Click “Install” to proceed the installation.
  7. SP System application has been successfully installed. To exit setup select “Finish”.



Remote Control Software: Teamviewer

Excalibur mobile app provides 24-hours real-time quotes and trading capabilities for Hong Kong and global Futures and Options contracts

** Remark: When using the mobile platform please ensure your account is logged out of all computer systems running SPTrader.

The main features of SPTrader Pro HD:

  • Order placement (Hong Kong and global Futures and Options contracts)
  • Real-time quotes (Hong Kong and global Futures and Options contracts)
  • Real-time account enquiries
  • Order and position enquiries
  • Financial news feed


iOS – iPhone

  1. Scan QR code with iPhone
  2. Search “SPTrader Pro HD” in App Store
  3. Click the link below
    Download from iTunes


iOS – iPad

  1. Scan QR code with iPad
  2. Search “SPTrader Pro HD+” in App Store”
  3. Click the link below
    Download from iTunes



  1. Scan QR code with an Android device
  2. Search “SPTrader Pro HD” in Google Play
  3. Click the link below

Download from Play Store   Direct Download


How to Login

First time user please enter full host name in “HOST” field,the full host name is the same as what you use in SPTrader

** Unless you have contact our staff, don’t select the option “Port 80”

Enter your user ID and password

Top-of-the-line data and network platform

  • Excalibur utilizes Direct Market Access (DMA) to integrate with major exchanges across the globe, including HKEx, NYMEX, CME, CBOT, etc. This allows for client’s orders to be sent to exchanges safely with vastly reduced latency, as compared with suppliers with indirect order routing

  • To ensure maximum connection uptime around the clock, Excalibur has data centers setup throughout Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. This improves the bandwidth available for client connection, and also greatly improves overall network redundancy
  • Excalibur has contracted with multiple international and local, top tiered Internet Service Providers (ISP). This ensures the network quality and connection speeds from mainland China and oversea, while improving redundancy and avoiding connection dropouts in the case of network failure from one of the ISPs
  • Because of the nature of lower network speeds and stability in the internet connection between Hong Kong and mainland China, Excalibur has a private gateway stationed in the mainland which is connected to our Hong Kong data centers through lease line. Clients situated in the mainland are able to connect to our servers with greatly improved speeds and reduced latency, minimizing the risk of trading due to network failures
  • To improve our competitiveness, Excalibur has invested millions of dollars in top-of-the-line networking and trading platforms which are serviced and maintained by professional. We can provide a safe and stable trading platform for corporate, algorithm trading, professional and non-professional investors

The futures market is racing against time. It is more necessary to pay attention to the speed at which the index price rises and falls, and the orders placement that directly reach the market.

With more than 20 years of experience, Excalibur Global Financial Group Limited understands that the market is constantly changing, and the system is faster than others. Customers get the latest prices in the market faster than others, seize market opportunities and increase profit opportunities.